Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Korrektiv on TMC

Korrektiv bloggers discuss John Zmirak and The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts here. It's interesting to see what view they had of TMC and of what Zmirak at TMC meant:
At any rate, one day, someone said there were some major changes taking place at TM and the next thing I know Zmirak is no longer writing for Crisis or a member of TM’s faculty. I’m not quite sure about my timeline, but I am quite sure his departure has at least something, if Paul is to be believed (and I have no reason not to) to do with his hell among the Traddy yearlings . . .
I remember Zmirak really liking Sampo's TMC and describing it circa 2006 as "funky" (high praise in his idiom). Amusingly, press releases and blog items from Fahey's TMC regularly tout the less-than-a-decade-old "traditions" of the place -- and perhaps the manner in which Fahey's school relates to Sampo's proves Zmirak's point about the sort of conservatism or traditionalism that rears its head when a "Traddy" is given power over that of which he disapproves.

Elsewhere, Zmirak is being criticized by traditionalist Catholics for "denouncing" former associates. I don't particularly want to be on Zmirak's side in all this, but perhaps he ought to write a post with a timeline that begins with his arrival at TMC.


Finny said...

I was discussing all of this with another alum last night who said "I read Zmirak's article and I didn't hate it... which is hard for me to admit." This is sort of how I feel about it as well.

Finny said...

I suppose I should add, though, that I haven't been reading him particularly closely, except for these stories relating to Catholic colleges. I've only been interested in those because I don't find them particularly unbelievable. At the same time I don't really have a good reason to trust Zmirak or his take on things, even when he occasionally writes articles that I do agree with.
Among the TMC locals that I've talked with this about the general consensus seems to be "Oh no, he's not getting off that easy. Criticizing what that place became doesn't make him less a part of how it got that way."

Tony said...

I think his personality and a totally unjustified status/role were the only issues with him, but I don't know everything. He should never have been there, but I don't know that he was a driving force in anything. He's just a hugely annoying and inappropriate person.

Finny said...

This is true.

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